We make children’s eyes shine!

The Christmas season is surrounded by a very special magic: laughing children, shining eyes, moments of joy. The Christmas parcel convoy and all its helpers have the goal of sharing this magic with as many children as possible.

Kindergarten and school children in Germany pack (with the support of their parents) a present for another child. During the Christmas season, they learn a lot about the importance of sharing, giving and being given presents – and can thus learn and experience for themselves the joy of being able to help.

The Christmas parcel convoy drives these Christmas gifts to orphanages and hospitals, institutions for the disabled, kindergartens and schools in the poorest, remote and rural regions of Eastern Europe. For many of the children there, it is the only present they get for Christmas. The gesture of affection that goes into these lovingly wrapped gifts reaches the needy children immediately and fills their hearts with surprise and joy, with hardly an eye dry and hardly a heart closed to the passengers and participants.

Also this year we support the Christmas parcel convoy and pack Christmas parcels together with our children. If you would like to help too, please contact us. We would be happy to receive your parcels and hand them over to the helpers.

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