Complex proceedings

Complex proceedings in particular are time-consuming. Disputes between partners or about business succession, complex international contracts, valuation differences – these are just a few of the numerous complex and time-consuming proceedings possible. In particular if they go through several instances and are conducted for several years in the ordinary jurisdiction. As you know, time is often money, so arbitration can help to save time, money and nerves.

„With lawmaking it is like with sausages: It is better if you do not watch how they are made.“

Otto von Bismarck
1815 – 1898

The relevant contracts and statutes often provide arbitration clauses that are easy to use. But even without these: The parties are free to voluntarily conduct such proceedings – this may even be designed to be binding.

The parties concerned can benefit from our years of experience in proceedings related to issues of tax, commercial and corporate law. Various chambers are familiar with our expertise as well – they commission us in selected cases following consultation with the parties.