Fair Company

Those who act sustainably are fair. From the start.

Fair Company is an initiative by a group of companies speaking out against the exploitation of the so-called “internship generation”. Member companies also reflect this commitment in their actions. We are one of those 2,000 companies. Thinking back to when we were first starting our careers, we want to make it better today – uncompromisingly and right from the start.

Patrons of the “Fair Company” initiative are or have been:

  • Wolfgang Clement (bis 2005)
  • Franz Müntefering (bis 2008)
  • Olaf Scholz (seit 2008)

In order to become a Fair Company, companies must undertake to play by certain rules. Those rules ensure fair working conditions for young professionals.

  • Fair Companies offer students internships to help them with their professional orientation
  • Fair Companies assign interns with clearly defined tasks and objectives and provide them a regular contact person within the company.
  • Fair Companies hire interns for an appropriate period.
  • Fair Companies do not console graduates who have applied for a permanent job with an internship.
  • Fair Companies pay interns fairly.
  • Fair Companies handle tasks, contact persons, objectives and principles of the internship with transparency.