Traditional Tax Consultancy

More than payments and numbers

Only those who see the whole picture can successfully handle the details.

„To submit an income tax return, one has to be a philosopher. For a mathematician it is too complicated.“

Albert Einstein
1879 – 1955

This is why we want to understand your overall situation – even beyond the world of taxes and accounting. It is our conviction that successful tax consultancy is only possible if based on a comprehensive understanding of companies and the individuals behind them. This serves both your company and you as an individual.

Tax-efficient solutions are the result. In many cases, this even brings non-tax opportunities to light. We have a clear objective: You should only pay those taxes you are obliged by law to pay. This frees space for decisions and new ideas with a new-found understanding of your overall economic situation.

Our traditional tax consultancy services include in particular:

  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Preparation of three types of annual financial statements: Preparation without making an assessment, with a plausibility assessment or audited financial statements
  • Electronic balance sheet: Formatting and electronic transmission of annual financial statements in accordance with official requirements
  • Publication of annual financial statements in the electronic Federal Gazette
  • Preparation of special-purpose balance sheets
  • Support during external audits by the tax authorities
  • Opposition procedures and legal actions (including Federal Fiscal Count and European Court of Justice)
  • Binding information requests
  • As needed: Support during tax evasion proceedings
  • Financial and payroll accounting – including digitally online – is located under Human Resources.