We work on the taxes and financial statements at insolvency proceedings including bankruptcy reorganisations and insolvency protection proceedings (also called “protective shield proceedings” or “Schutzschirmverfahren”).

Our specialists possess experience for a long time with the preparation of financial statements, bookkeeping (online if requested) and the compilation of tax returns with a focus on the particularities of the insolvency proceedings. Thus, many lawyers, e.g. the renowned law firm Schulz Nickel Schulz operating in Saxony and Thuringia, as well as insolvency administrators and other tax advisors regularly use our services.

Notwithstanding the above, we can attend these proceedings with more aspects, too, e.g. business management, business reengineering, tax opinions, and advice on financial statements. Several lawyers, insolvency specialists, and other certified tax advisors use our support.


Peter Gassen

Certified Tax Advisor, CPA (Germany), Lawyer, Diploma in Taxation – Partner