Aspiration & Principles

“Cintinus” is the Latin word for “sustainable”. We chose this name deliberately: Our actions are sustainably professional. And provide ideal, sustainable and reliable Solutions.

Currently, we are to comply with organisational Standard ISO 9001:2015 in the application of our exceptional professional competence. Thus, we can guarantee well-founded consulting services based on transparent documentation. Process-oriented quality management is not just a meaningless phrase to us. We always strive for the optimum: a satisfied client who has received the best advice.

The quality of ambitious tax consultancy

The services we offer rest on three pillars: Traditional tax consultancy, consulting on structural issues and auditing.

Traditional Tax Consultancy

We offer the basic principles of qualified tax consultancy: From financial and payroll accounting to preparing annual financial statements and providing support during audits, to electronic bookkeeping and digital disclosure. You can choose between the complete package or selected services.

Tax Structuring

This is not all. Using traditional tax consultancy as a foundation, we are available to perform the tasks you need, whether related to tax and business questions during company restructuring, sales and purchases of companies/shares/M & A, company successions, international tax issues, modifications of guaranteed pension payments, reports on transfer prices or tax proceedings (including Federal Fiscal Court). We provide you with competent and comprehensive support at all times and offer more than the daily tax routine.


We also do auditing. We have years of auditing experience, be it for private-sector, middle-market or public domain companies (state-owned and independent enterprises, corporations and groups with public majority shareholding). We have a deep understanding of the specific needs of these companies and the special interests of their partners and offer field-tested solutions even for the most complicated cases.

More than standard

Traditional tax consultancy consists of work related to tax returns, i.e. fitting real life situations into pre-defined legal classifications. For example, this relates to the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns for prior taxable periods and/or financial years. Of course it goes without saying that we perform this work on a complete and reliable basis, however that is only the half of it.

We constantly are looking ahead so that our work will hold up over time and may be tested. We have a holistic look at our clients and the wide spectrum of their individual needs. After examining existing conditions and potential, we work together with you collaboratively to create a personal vision of the future which we then help your realise.

Learn from the past – apply what you have learned to the future.

Providing sustainable, long-term support is our strength and is what we do. Business relationships with our clients often cover several generations. We thus build a bridge from the lesson learnt yesterday and a successful tomorrow.

From the start, we have undertaken to be innovative. This serves as the basis for our growth, the continuing training of our staff and the ongoing optimisation of our work and consultancy processes – all for the good of our clients.

Peter Gassen & Knut Werblow