Team Event 2020 – Boat Tour on the Neisse

Last Friday we used the nice weather for a trip to the Neisse River. We started fully motivated in Zentendorf, where we were welcomed by Neiße-Tours and equipped with boats. The next 2.5 hours we had to paddle, orientate ourselves, keep an eye on the “opponent” and above all have fun. In the finest sunshine we enjoyed the untouched nature with its rich animal world along the Lusatian Neisse.

On the way we encountered various obstacles such as rapids, a weir walk and some shallow spots. Not all of them stayed dry, but in the end we managed to bring all 3 boats and passengers safely to the finish line and to go ashore in Rothenburg.

There we were warmly welcomed by the staff of Neiße-Tours. The barbecue was cheered on and we were able to strengthen ourselves at an extensive buffet and evaluate the experiences of the day with a beer/shandy.