Nationwide Tax Knowledge Contest: Cintinus Proven to be One of the Best German Performers

The German first national financial weekly “Focus Money” (comparable to “The Economist”, with which Focus Money co-operates indeed) has put German tax advisers to a rigorous  knowhow test. This test was developed by tax authority practioners and supervised by the University of Hanover. The tax knowledge difficulties were mastered by 300 tax advisers out of 10,000 who have answered the questions.

Due to the hard working Cintinus team, where every colleague contributed his share of knowledge, the results – published today – showed that Cintinus is one of the 300 best rated tax advisor in Germany.

This huge success makes Cintinus the only tax firm in East Germany who has won in each consecutive year 2016 and 2017 both the tax knowledge tax (of Focus Money) and the voting of the competitors (of Focus; see earlier news).

Thus, competitors and knowledge testers alike awarding us with the label “best tax firm” respectively “best tax adviser” will further motivate all of the Cintinus team to bring forward the best to our clients.