Test successfully passed – Focus Money seeks Germany’s TOP tax consultant

How to identify Germany’s TOP tax consultants?

In order to find competent consultants among around 98,000 tax experts, FOCUS-MONEY initiated a test together with project manager Ulf Hausmann and auditors in March 2020. For the 15th time in a row, scientific director Ulf Hausmann put the competence and specialisation of tax consultants to the test in an empirical survey. The experts were interested not only in the qualifications of consultants and employees but also in the regular further training measures. In the FOCUS MONEY test, the tax professionals’ expertise in terms of specialization and industry knowledge was also in demand. The testers also wanted to know whether the consultants offer their clients financial planning, controlling and cost accounting as instruments of corporate management. Another important factor for the testers was the development of turnover in recent years. Points were also awarded if the firm was awarded an ISO 9000 quality seal.

In addition to the questions from the project manager, the auditors provided 22 tricky technical questions on tax details. The examination of the technical questions was carried out in cooperation with Professor Kay Blaufus of the Leibniz University in Hanover We are pleased to receive this award for the 5th time in a row and would like to thank our employees in particular for this success.

The article with all details of the test and an overview of the TOP tax consultants can be found here.