From now on 100% data protection in e-mail dispatch with us thanks to Comcrypto MXG

Particularly in tax consultancy, we constantly deal with the question: May personal data be sent by e-mail?

The answer is: Yes, because ultimately every business email contains personal data. There is only one requirement: encrypted transmission is mandatory. Invoices, health data, financial data or social data, for example, may also be sent by e-mail.

In order to check the security of the transmission and to encrypt a mail if necessary, we are now working together with the company Comcrypto. They developed the tool MXG, which checks every outgoing email and documents which transport routes are used and how high the risk is. In the next step, these risks can be eliminated through encryption.

With the MXG email gateway, we are now automatically implementing in email dispatch what the Data Protection Conference of the Federal Government and the Länder demands: Classification based on a risk rating, identification of the dispatch risk for each e-mail transmission and fulfilment of the necessary protection requirement in the transport channel (qualified transport encryption qTLS).

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