“brand eins” distinguishes us

Where are the experts for reorganisation and restructuring? Who is particularly well versed in business start-ups? Together with Statista, “brand eins” determined the best tax consultants and auditors of 2021: 191 companies made it onto the best lists. And we are pleased to be included this year as well.

In order to provide potential clients with a well-founded decision-making aid for choosing their service provider, “brand eins” took on this question for the second time: Who are the best tax consultants and auditors for corporate clients in Germany?

More than 3,600 industry representatives and business clients to15ok the time to complete the questionnaire, which was prepared together with Statista. The top lists of tax consultancy and auditing firms operating in Germany distinguish a total of 191 firms along 18 specialist segments in the field of tax consultancy and six in the field of auditing. The compilation of the top lists is based on recommendations for tax consulting and auditing firms that were recommended in particular for their advice and services for business and corporate clients.

The evaluation in the form of a digital map and a list sorted by areas and locations can be found here. There you can also order the current magazine entitled “Helfer in der Not” (Helpers in Need), which was published on 15.01.2021.