AGN international sixth largest international network in Germany according to current Lünendonk® study

Lünendonk has been observing the market for auditing and tax consulting in Germany for 15 years. In addition to key figures such as turnover, employees and per capita turnover, this includes developments, current topics and trends. The Lünendonk® study contains all the results of the comprehensive survey conducted by the auditing and tax consulting company as a graphic evaluation and is commented and classified on the basis of many years of market observation. The study is based on the Lünendonk® list, which has been available since 17 July 2020.

In addition to these current market data, the study contains many long-term evaluations. Furthermore, the results of individual groups, such as market leaders, top 25 and networks, are considered separately.

In the category “Networks/alliances with independent member companies operating in Germany” AGN international, to which we have been a member since November 1, 2016, achieved 6th place.

The study addresses auditing and tax consulting companies, market observers, science, associations and politics. In addition to information on market development, it enables a detailed benchmarking of companies with similar market positioning. To support the observation of the competition, it contains a list of all companies included, including sales and employees.