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Germany’s top tax firms 2022 – Focus awards us again.

FOCUS SPEZIAL zeichnet uns erneut als Top Steuerkanzlei ausAlmost 1,980 tax advisors and auditors submitted their recommendations for the list of tax firms. The result is almost 230 top tax firms 2022. The top list was compiled by research partner FactField GmbH on behalf of FOCUS.

The recommendation Top Tax Firm for a field of work or an industry is always based on an above-average number of recommendations for the corresponding category. A law firm can also be awarded in several categories if it was recommended by respondents with an above-average number of recommendations in the respective areas.

The publication will take place online at from 02.04.2022.

We are very pleased about this renewed great recognition and thank our staff for their outstanding performance, without which such an award would not be possible.


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